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  • DFPP 197 – TRON

    DFPP 197 – TRON

    Greetings Programs! This week the DFPP team discovers that some of their best bytes are missing and they need to recover them from a kleptomaniacal chess program bent on world domination in the 1982 action adventure TRON. Listen, download, etc. Show notes: IMDb Wikipedia (Wikia) (Wikia) Official Site Trailer Soundtrack Play TRON (Arcade) Script (Screenplay) CLU Electronic Quarterback […]

  • DFPP 4 – TRON: Legacy

    DFPP 4 – TRON: Legacy

    Greetings Programs! This week the DFPP team heads into The Grid to take a look at TRON: Legacy – the long awaited sequel to the 1982 Science Fiction classic TRON. Listen, Download, etc. Or follow the links on the right hand side of the page for iTunes or RSS. Show Notes: Interview with the screenwriters […]